Text Marketing

We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience to help advertise products and services in efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.

Targeted Text Message Alerts & Notifications to Reach Your Audience

Businesses around the globe are using text message marketing now more than ever before.  With over 6 billion mobiles in use, you can’t afford to miss this mobile revolution.

People these days are numb to most conventional advertising, but one form of connecting with customers still provides strong results. SMS (short messaging service) or texts they are more commonly known, engage higher numbers of people than any other medium for small businesses

Why? Well for a start everyone who has a mobile phone can receive your message, it is quick, convenient and uncomplicated to open and read received messages.

What is Text Message marketing?

Text message marketing is a way to send short, targeted messages to customers who have requested to receive updates and/or offers from your business.  Interaction with customers is more personal when it is through SMS, the user has elected to participate in something that is relevant to them and their needs so it is highly targeted.

A basic text campaign can reach any and all who wish to be a part of it. A text message is an intimate and a direct connection. No other form of media offers such a close and personal way in which to connect with a customer than via their mobile phones.

It is a great instant way to get your customers to come to your business during quiet times, keep them abreast with special offers you are running, get them to check out updates on your mobile optimised website, purchase your products or place an order on their phone, get them to engage in competitions, increase brand awareness, ask for feedback and even receive reminders about appointments.

The key to success with text message marketing is ensuring that content is relevant and specific to your customer and their needs. Everyone loves a great deal. Give them something of value, a reason to respond to your information, buy your product or take up your offer. Send messages on a regular basis so that you engage with your customers and they will return to your business again and again rather than go to your competitors.

The fact is if you are not using text message marketing to your customers, you are missing out on loyalty and repeat business. The return on investment is very high.